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Oh yes my bad. When Yes Sasuke can absorb senjutsu. Some people agree and some people don't. Some even say he can, but only short portions of it. So let's break it down shall we? Pain would kill sasuke.

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This ability was primarily defensive in nature as it is capable of absorbing most ninjutsu-based techniques, thereby nullifying its effect. This technique can also take Every Naruto fan knows that the Uchiha massacre changed the life of Sasuke Uchiha forever. However, to say that this moment is the largest driving factor of StiLl under construction This article belongs to kag11__11. Sasuke x was formally known as sasuke uchiha (うちはサスケ, Uchiha Sasuke) Debut MangaChapter #3 AnimeNaruto Episode #1 MovieNaruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow Video GameNaruto: Clash of Ninja OVAFind the Four-Leaf Red Clover!


Sasuke Uchiha is one of the last surviving members of Konohagakure's Uchiha clan. Since his childhood, he made it his goal to exact revenge against his older brother, Itachi Uchiha, who had slaughtered their entire clan. He was initially a member of Konoha's Team 7, however, Sasuke defected from the village to obtain power from Orochimaru and later affiliated with the Akatsuki, becoming an Sasuke Uchiha is an anti-hero and rival of the titular hero of the Japanese manga series, Naruto. He previously starred in an episode of One Minute Melee where he fought against Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach and later went up against RikufromKingdom Hearts in another episode.

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This ability is primarily defensive as it is capable of absorbing chakra from an individual through physical contact. Sasuke-The Preta Path | Source: Narutopedia-Fadom Looking at Madara and Pain's use of the Preta Path, it seems like the Jutsu has to make physical contact before it can be absorbed, and it does not seem like absorption is instantaneous (See: Preta Path absorbing Jiraiya's Rasengan, Madara absorbing the 5 Kage attack).

Preta path sasuke

Human Path: Sasuke can rip out the souls of others by placing his hand on their head, reading their mind in the process. There are many problems with that… Actually… Most people are gonna saying that many of the listed characters have natural energy which would end up in the user Preta Path: Blocking Technique Absorption Seal: A highly advanced sealing technique that is capable of absorbing any chakra, regardless of any shape or nature transformation, and dispersing it within one's body by spinning the chakra within one's body in the opposite direction. Should the user get close enough to grab the opponent, the barrier Preta Path: Sasuke can drain energy from his opponents, along with absorbing energy from their attacks. Asura Path: Sasuke can augment his body with mechanised armor and weapons.
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Preta path sasuke

Se hela listan på Se hela listan på There are many different forms of chakra absorption. For example, it can be a kekei genkai, a sword, or the rinnegan. Chakra Absorption Techniques Each technique typically relies on different principals. Sasuke already used the preta path to absorb chakra from Naruto towards the end of their final fight, then there's the Rinnegan's soul rip ability Sasuke has access to 4 years ago linglung Se hela listan på Human Path Indra's Arrow Kirin Lion Combo Majestic Attire: Susanoo Manipulated Shuriken Technique Manipulating Windmill Triple Blades Moonlight Naka Shrine Pass Technique Naraka Path Orochimaru-Style Body Replacement Technique Outer Path Preta Path Sasuke Uchiha's Space–Time Dōjutsu Scorch Release: Halo Hurricane Jet Black Arrow Style Zero The Preta Path (餓鬼道, Gakidō) grants the user the ability to absorb an infinite amount of chakra in any form using the Blocking Technique Absorption Seal. Pain channeled the Preta Path through the corpse of a Kusagakure shinobi.

Anime. #ItachiUchiha. PiccolaArt WATCH ME Animal Path… Preta Path luffie.deviantart Six Paths of Pein. Preta Path tillåter användaren att absorbera chakra och tekniker som består av chakra.
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Naraka Path. Outer Path. Outer Path — Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique. Preta Path. Sasuke Uchiha's Space–Time Dōjutsu. Shinra Tensei.

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I know he has high levels of chakra since he was given half of the sages chakra, but he still Madara used Preta path as an edo and Limbo/CT alive and as Jin with one eye. It was also clarified that Madara had to have both eyes to use his Rinnegan's full power, and when he finally gained the eyes he was betrayed before having a proper fight. Sasuke Rinnegan is tomeoed and it seems to have the full potential of the eyes in his one Rinnegan. This is Sasuke from the GoKage Summit. Genjutsu is also restricted. This is Preta from the Konoha invasion. No other paths will intervene but Preta still benefits from Shared vision.

Six Paths Ten-Tails Coffin Seal. Six Paths of Pain.