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Gray rad, the gray was adopted as part of the international

rules to all their plans and data add-ons up to a limit of 10 GB per month. A unit of nail size, said to be either the cost per 100 nails, or the number of nails per penny. Abbreviation: d. Money in general. verb. (slang) To jam a door shut  A unit of nail size, said to be either the cost per 100 nails, or the number of nails per penny.

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The modern abbreviation for mile is mi, this has been introduced to avoid confusion with the metric metre (m). However the mi abbreviation is rarely used and vast majority of people still using miles will use the common abbreviation m. Every hour .. qh Four times a day.qid Every night. qn mph - miles per hour; kph - kilometers per hour; kn - knots. Nautical miles per hour.

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kilometer per hour, etc. invariable, usually plural, abbreviation (mile per hour), miles per timme ssubstantiv: Ord för konkreta ting och platser, t.ex. En översikt över vanliga engelska förkortningar (abbreviations).

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Aeronautical terms [ edit ] Prior to 1969, airworthiness standards for civil aircraft in the United States Federal Aviation Regulations specified that distances were to be in statute miles, and speeds in miles per hour. Abbreviations for metric units, including temperatures (Kelvin or Celsius), do not end with periods. Non-metric units with "per" (such as "miles per hour") usually do not take periods, either. Temperature abbreviations are used in all types of writing. Couldn't find the full form or full meaning of Cost per Hour? Maybe you were looking for one of these abbreviations: COSS - COSSA - COSSH - COSSIES - COST - COSTA - COSTAATT - COSTAM - COSTAR - COSTART Abbreviation for Kilowatt Hour.

Per hour abbreviation

every other day (from Latin quaque altera die) QALY: quality-adjusted life year: q.AM: every day before noon (from Latin quaque die ante meridiem) q.d.s. The abbreviation for year is yr. Including the dot. This abbreviation can mean both year and years, so you could use it in the following ways: 1yr., 2yr. They would be pronounced one year, two years, respectively. Also, yrs. can be used as an abbreviation for years.
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Per hour abbreviation

Nautical miles per hour. A nautical mile is about 2025 yards. Range per Hour (electric vehicles) RPH: Radio for the Print Handicapped (Australia) RPH: Revolutions Per Hour (printing speed) RPH: Robert Packer Hospital (Sayre, PA) RPH: Réseau pour la Psychanalyse à l'Hôpital (French: Hospital Psychoanalysis Network) RPH: Reference Place Holder (index code) RPH: Radio Pays d'Hérault (French radio station) RPH: Rate Per Hour: RPH qh every hour qid 4 times daily qod every other day qs quantity sufficient Q volume of blood † Q ˙ flow of blood (vol./time) † Q ˙ s shunt (blood) † Q ˙ T cardiac output R, RR, resp respiratory rate Raw airway resistance RBC red blood count RLL right lower lobe RML right middle lobe RMSB right mainstem bronchus rt. right RUL right upper lobe Rx treatment Miles per Hour : mph: Knot : kt: Kilometre : km: Kilometre per Hour : kph: Metre : m: Day : D: Hour : h: Minute : min: Second : sec or s: Universal Time Coordinated : UTC: World Sailing : WS: World Sailing Speed Record Council : WSSRC: Racing Rules of Sailing : RRS: Equipment Rules of Sailing : ERS: British Pounds : GBP: Global Positioning System : GPS: International Maritime Organisation : IMO: Maritime Safety Committee Unit or Term Abbreviation Unit or Term Abbreviation circular mil cmil kilojoule kJ continuous wave CW kilometer km coulomb C kilometer per hour km/h cubic centimeter cm kilovar kvar cubic foot per minute ft /min kilovolt kV cubic meter m kilovoltampere kVA cubic meter per second m /s kilowatt kW decibel dB kilowatthour kWh degree Celsius (C lambert L in the right eye : 5X a day-five times a day : O.S.-in the left eye : q.4h- miles per hour : Mr. Mister (always abbreviated) Mrs. Mistress (always abbreviated) Msgr : Monsignor : mt. Mount, Mountain : mts.

28 dollars an hour is equivalent to 224 dollars per 8-hour work day, 1120 dollars per 40-hour work week, 4480 dollars per month, or 58240 dollars per year (52 “Would it be correct to abbreviate the "hour" symbol as "h" or "hr", with or without a period at the end?” There is some confusion in discussing abbreviating a symbol.
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2021. Kilometers Per Hour.

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Per is defined as to, for, by or according to. (preposition) An example of per used as a preposition is in the phrase, " Observera att Jobb Per timme inte är den enda innebörden av JPH. Det kan finnas mer än en definition av JPH, så kolla in det på vår ordlista för alla betydelser av JPH en efter en. Definition på engelska: Jobs Per Hour The flow rate through the line was about 18,000 barrels per hour or about 432,000 bpd, up from around 300,000 bpd. In Brief Since the installation, the centrifuge typically runs 10 hours a day at flow rates of 120 barrels per hour , but has the capacity of clarifying up to 300 barrels per hour . An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word (or phrase). An abbreviation is pronounced identically to the long form of the word. For example, Mr. is prounced "Mister." Abbreviations are often used to save time and space.

Route of administration ( continued) percutaneous enteral gastrostomy.